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Chief Data Officer
Ken Pfeil


ODGA Data Governance Training

ODGA has partnered with the Department of Motor Vehicles to provide Data owner and Data Custodian training as a part of a Virginia Code Section 527 requirement. 

Data Owner Training

The Commonwealth of Virginia Data Owner Training is for Commonwealth of Virginia agency heads and data owners. This training ensures that Commonwealth leadership understand the roles and responsibilities regarding Data Governance. 

The Data Governance Training covers the following areas: 

  • How the Commonwealth Data Trust facilitates secure data sharing across the Commonwealth 
  • Options for sharing data with other agencies and the public depending on the sensitivity of data or intended audience 
  • Identify how data is handled at each step of the data lifecycle 
  • Differentiate between key data governance roles
  • Categorize data using classification tiers 

Data Custodian Training

The Commonwealth of Virginia Data Custodian Training is for Commonwealth of Virginia data custodians, such as database administrators and system administrators.  

The Data Custodian Training covers the following areas: 

  • Data Governance roles in the Commonwealth
  • Data Custodian responsibilities

Access the Data Governance Trainings

We know you're excited now! You can access the Data Owner and Data Custodian training through the Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center. ODGA is also able to provide a SCORM file for agencies to use in their own KnowBe4 instances or in their own LMS. Contact us today to receive the files!


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