Chief Data Officer
Ken Pfeil



There has never been a more opportune time to harness the power of data to drive efficiency across government and increase the quality of life for all Virginians. Come connect with experts and engage in conversation around data governance, data sharing, analytics and intelligence, data integrity and security, and data ethics that can ultimately deliver the data-driven outcomes to establish the Commonwealth of Virginia as a national leader in evidence-based decision making and outcome-based performance management. You’ll hear practical knowledge, inspiring analytics use-cases, and other innovative information about how data powers the Commonwealth and the potential for what it can do in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Key Topics

Data Sharing and Governance

Data Analytics and Intelligence

Data Ethics


Data Culture

Technology, Processes & People

Data Strategy and Management

Who Should Attend

The Virginia Data Symposium brings together a spectrum of expertise that invites a variety of roles, backgrounds and skill levels to come learn, be inspired and leave ready to take action. Event registration is available to both public and private sector employees and contractors. Interested attendees might include data curators, analysts, data scientists, data engineers, business intelligence specialists, project managers, data architects, researchers, IT directors, chief data officers, and chief information officers.

Why Attend

The Virginia Data Symposium is produced by government, for government. The event brings together a community of data professionals, technology leaders, and academia for the purpose of prompting conversation around the latest advancements and methodologies in data and analytics. We believe that as a technical data professional, it is invaluable to learn about the business. Likewise, the most impactful organizations often have technical leadership at the top. That's why the speakers at this event will bring business-focused discussion and insight along with sessions that dive deeper into technical concepts. Not to mention, there will be plenty of invaluable opportunities to network with other public sector colleagues and discover areas of intersection and collaboration that could exist across the Commonwealth. Come power your innovative mind at the Virginia Data Symposium and hear from expert speakers while learning about emerging trends and expanding your network!