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Chief Data Officer
Ken Pfeil

Office of Data Governance and Analytics

Chief Data Officer, Ken Pfeil

Commonwealth Chief Data Officer, Ken Pfeil

Ken is a security and finance industry veteran, formerly serving as VP and Managing Director of Data Protection and Governance at OneMain Financial. Prior to OneMain, he served as Chief Security Officer for TechDemocracy LLC, MFS Investments, and before served as CISO for Pioneer Global Asset Management SpA (Including Pioneer Investments and all operating subsidiaries in 26 countries).

Ken’s Information Technology and Security experience spans over three decades, with strategic, technical, and executive experience at companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Capital IQ, Miradiant Global Network, Avaya, and Merrill Lynch. Ken coauthored Microsoft's “Best Practices for Enterprise Security” white papers and participated on the Information Systems Security Association's International Privacy Advisory Board covering the initial implementation of GLBA. He reported on security risks and performed vulnerability analysis for Windows IT Pro Magazine’s “Security Administrator” publication for four years, and has been a contributing expert for Information Security, CIO and CSO Magazines, and is a Distinguished Fellow of the Ponemon Institute.

Deputy Chief Data Officer, Marcus Thornton

Marcus Thornton serves as the Deputy Chief Data Officer (CDO) for the Commonwealth and is from Danville, Virginia. He has worked in software engineering for the last 20 years. Before becoming the Deputy CDO, he worked for a data company that specializes in the collection of retail pricing data across all of North America. As the Deputy CDO, he serves as the Chief Operating Officer to the Chief Data Officer and the CDO’s technical adviser. He creates new partnerships between the Office of Data Governance and Analytics and Commonwealth agencies and shows them how sharing data across the Commonwealth can be leveraged to make more informed decisions and increase their own efficiencies.

Commonwealth Data Trust

The Commonwealth Data Trust, implemented by the Office of Data Governance and Analytics, is a safe, secure, and legally compliant information sharing environment that establishes consistent requirements for trust members through a standardized data sharing agreement process.

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Data Trust Member Agreement

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Data Trust Member Agreement Amendment Form

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Data Trust User Agreement

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Data Trust User Agreement Amendment Form

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Data Trust Individual User NDA

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Dataset Readiness Review

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Open Data Portal


The Virginia Open Data Portal serves to extend access to Commonwealth data empowering our constituents to interpret, analyze, and transform data.

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Data Documentation Process

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The Data Documentation Process enables data stewards from different agencies to connect to ODGA databases; and run a local tool that allows them to connect to their respective databases and then register the metadata for the tables and views they select.

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Data Symposium

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Virginia Datathon

The Virginia Datathon brings together state agencies, localities, students, non-profits and the private sector to leverage technology and data to develop innovative ideas that advance the Commonwealth of Virginia. The event promotes participants and teams to interpret, analyze and transform data into real-life solutions.

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