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Chief Data Officer
Ken Pfeil

Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation

FAACT is Virginia’s premier cross-secretariat data-sharing initiative. By combining previously siloed data from different agencies, secretariats, localities, social services, public safety and corrections, drug courts, community coalitions, and private healthcare systems.

FAACT was built as part of Virginia’s response to the opioid epidemic and quickly expanded to help the Commonwealth track and combat the spread of COVID-19. Now FAACT has expanded with more than 20 datasets and gives local community leaders across disciplines information to help them proactively and effectively respond to their community’s needs.

Data resources included in the FAACT project reside in the Commonwealth Data Trust managed by the Office of Data Governance and Analytics and the Data Governance Council comprised of participating organizations and agencies. The Data Trust ensures proper custody, protection, documentation, and dissemination of data resources through a Data Trust Agreement that data FAACT participants enter into with the Chief Data Officer, which qualifies acceptable uses and rules for data sharing.


Organizations across the commonwealth are using FAACT to improve outcomes for people in their communities.

FAACT Capabilities

Easy Collaboration

Securely access data from other localities and agencies or share your own for a more holistic understanding of our community.

Deeper Insights

User-friendly tools make data analysis fast and simple, so you turn data insights into policy improvements or actionable strategies.

Understand Your Impact

Measure and understand the impact of your programs, and leverage data to demonstrate progress and apply for grants.

Maximize your Results

Enable a more effective focus on prevention by allocating resources that best align with the needs in the field and by accessing FAACT at no cost.

Agencies Sharing Data
Citizens Covered
Years of Data Compiled
Hospital Admissions
Unique Data Elements
Unique Substances Tracked
Unique Datasets, including:
Police Incidents
Mental Health Encounters

Request Access to FAACT

FAACT is a free resource that can be used by agencies, nonprofits, research institutions, and students. 


FAACT in Action


Learn more about the FAACT initiative and read answers to commonly asked questions.