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Chief Data Officer
Ken Pfeil


The Office of Data Governance and Analytics

The Office of Data Governance and Analytics serves the Commonwealth by:

  • Operating the Commonwealth Data Trust
  • Advising state agencies and political subdivisions regarding policies, standards, and best practices concerning the creation, maintenance, analysis, and dissemination of data.  
  • Coordinating data analytics, intelligence, and dissemination master planning for the executive branch agencies and providing leadership regarding state data analytics and transparency
  • Collecting, analyzing, and exchanging government information
  • Ensuring the security of government information
  • Conducting the operational and procedural audits of data sharing partners
  • Identifying data integration and business intelligence opportunities generating greater efficiencies in state agencies, departments, and institutions
  • Leveraging data from transactional systems for enterprise-level state business intelligence
  • Ensuring data integration and sharing is performed in a manner that preserves data privacy, security, and confidentiality in transferring, storing, and accessing data, as appropriate

The office is led by the Chief Data Officer for the Commonwealth of Virginia and is made up of a team full of talented professionals.

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To maximize the value of Commonwealth data through strategic governance, secure and appropriate data sharing, and enterprise analytics services informing actionable intelligence that helps Virginians live better lives.


To inspire the global evolution of data from information to actionable intelligence providing better outcomes for everyone.


Guiding Principles

Data must be: 

  • collected and used to support mission goals
  • interpreted, analyzed, and assimilated to support actionable decision-making
  • standardized to promote interoperability and integration
  • managed to maintain quality, integrity, and reliability
  • accessible with appropriate security controls
  • disseminated to promote reuse

Core Values

  • Cultivate an open and inclusive environment that allows for ease of connection, collaboration, and communication.
  • As change makers, we embrace failure and adopt resourcefulness while weaving creativity and innovation through our work.
  • Embody operational excellence that produces efficient results.
  • Carry integrity through how we approach our work and who we are as we do it.

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