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Chief Data Officer
Ken Pfeil


ODGA Solutions Explained

The Office of Data Governance and Analytics is committed to providing enterprise-level data documentation and analytics to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Learn more about the solutions we provide below:


The Commonwealth of Virginia Entity Resolution for Enterprise Data (CoVERED) ingests two data streams separating the attributes that identify individuals (PII) from those that characterize the government services they receive by leveraging partnerships with executive branch agencies and other organizations through the Commonwealth Data Trust, a safe, secure, and legally compliant information sharing environment that establishes consistent requirements for trust members through a standardized data sharing agreement process.



The Commonwealth of Virginia Enterprise Reporting Solution (CoVERS), or Data Intelligence (DI)-as-a-Solution, is a value-added component to participating in the Commonwealth Data Trust and provides Commonwealth of Virginia agencies the infrastructure, system lifecycle administration services, and human resources needed to manage the deployment and consumption of business intelligence products. 

Data Documentation

The Data Documentation Process enables data stewards from different agencies to connect to the Enterprise Data Catalog and run a local tool that allows them to connect to their respective databases and then register the metadata for the tables and views they select. This process empowers and engages the data stewards in a meaningful way and gives them the authority to identify and register their highest value data assets.

I.D.E.A. Platform

Secure and appropriate data sharing across government agencies not only allows those agencies to provide better and faster services, but also provides benefits to the communities and residents they serve. The Integrated Data for Enterprise Analytics (IDEA) Platform provides a wide-variety of data and powerful self-service analytics in a scalable platform that can be customized for just about any project.