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Chief Data Officer
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Virginia Data Advisory Commission

Virginia Data Advisory Commission

The Virginia Data Advisory Commission (the Commission) is established as an advisory commission in the executive branch of state government. The Commission shall advise the Office of Data Governance and Analytics (the Office), established pursuant to § 2.2-203.2:4, on issues related to data sharing, including open data, data analytics, and data governance. The Commission shall (i) set, plan, and prioritize data sharing performance goals for the Commonwealth, (ii) review agency accomplishments, and (iii) recommend solutions that will establish the Commonwealth as a national leader in data-driven policy, evidence-based decision making, and outcome-based performance management. The responsibilities of the commission include:

  • Study, report, and make recommendations to the Governor on all areas of data governance, quality, sharing, analytics, reporting, intelligence, and performance management
  • Advise and assist the Office of Data Governance and Analytics to set, plan, prioritize, and review data and outcome performance goals and objectives to improve operational efficiency, increase delivery of customer-centered services, and promote better outcomes for constituents
  • Make recommendations to the Governor on performance goals and objectives requiring engagement from organizations across state government
  • Cooperate with local governments and governmental agencies

Learn more about the Data Sharing and Analytics Advisory Committee that worked with the Office of Data Governance and Analytics to develop a permanent data sharing and analytics governance structure for the Commonwealth. The Advisory Committee’s “Data Sharing and Analytics Governance Structure for the Commonwealth of Virginia” recommended establishing a Virginia Data Advisory Commission, Executive Data Board, Data Governance Council, and Data Stewards Group.

Read the 2021 VDAC annual report.

Virginia Data Advisory Commission Members

Senate Members

  • George L. Barker, 39th District of Virginia
  • Emmett W. Hanger, 24th District of Virginia
  • Adam P. Ebbin, 30th District of Virginia

House of Delegate Members

  • Cliff E. Hayes, 77th District of Virginia
  • Jeffrey Campbell, 6th District of Virginia
  • Danica Roem, 13th District of Virginia

Secretariat Members

  • Ken Pfeil, Virginia Chief Data Officer
  • Lyn McDermid, Secretary of Administration
  • John Littel, Secretary of Health and Human Resources
  • Robert "Bob" Mosier, Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security
  • Stephen Cummings, Secretary of Finance
  • Kay Coles James, Secretary of the Commonwealth
  • Matt Lohr, Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Travis Voyles, Acting Secretary of Natural and Historic Resources
  • Caren Merrick, Secretary of Commerce and Trade
  • Aimee Rogstad Guidera, Secretary of Education
  • Craig Crenshaw, Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs
  • Shep Miller III, Secretary of Transportation
  • Rosa Atkins, Acting Chief Diversity, Opportunity, and Inclusion Officer
  • Karl Hade, Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia
  • George "Bryan" Slater, Secretary of Labor

Regional Representatives

  • Bryant Hood, Danville City Councilman
  • Mary Beth Dunkenberger, Virginia Tech, Institute for Policy and Governance
  • Bridget Giles, Director of Special Programs, Hampton Roads Biomedical Research Consortium
  • Carrie Gaston, Capital One
  • Tyler Schenck, Director of Innovation and Information Services for Winchester City, Virginia
  • Zaki Barzinji, Aspen Digital
  • Arlyn Burgess, Chief of Staff for University of Virginia School of Data Science


The next Virginia Data Advisory Commission meeting will be held on October 25th, 2022.

Virginia Data Advisory Commission Meeting Minutes

July 19, 2022 VDAC Meeting Minutes (DRAFT - minutes will be approved at the October 2022 meeting)

November 22, 2021 VDAC Meeting Minutes

October 26, 2021 VDAC Meeting Minutes