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Chief Data Officer
Ken Pfeil

2019 Data Governance Roadshow

2019 Data Governance Roadshow

At the end of last year, the Chief Data Officer went on a regional tour across the state engaging key data stakeholders and community leaders to learn more about their key data and analytics initiatives, identify critical needs that improved data sharing could address, and to cultivate relationships and encourage collaboration.

The objective of the roadshow was to hear directly from stakeholders some of the issues they are facing with regards to data governance, sharing, analytics, and deriving intelligence from their data assets to support actionable decision-making within their jurisdictions. Carlos and his team are diligently working on a data culture initiative establishing awareness, facilitating engagement, providing inspiration, and promoting empowerment throughout state government. He would like to expand the initiative to include localities and communities throughout the Commonwealth.

The roadshow also highlighted the FAACT Initiative (Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation) which started in Winchester, Virginia and has now expanded to Roanoke Valley and Southwest Virginia. FAACT provides community leaders with the data and decision support tools they need to address the opioid substance abuse epidemic with a wider focus on substance use and addiction analysis. Since then, the FAACT platform was expanded to guide leaders in combating COVID-19 through a state-wide lens of data, promoting data-driven decisions.

In the event you are not able to attend a regional town hall, the CDO is conducting an online survey about Data Governance in the Commonwealth to get your input on this important issue. You can view the Data Governance Roadshow presentation here.